Superchord is an emulation of sympathetic string resonance, designed to add complex and evolving harmonic textures to your sounds.

  • Dual effect / MIDI instrument mode
  • AAX, Audio Unit, VST, VST3, NKS support
  • Compatible with PC | macOS | 64-bit | Apple Silicon
  • Unobtrusive copy protection
  • Comprehensive user manual

Sympathy for the audio

Superchord is a novel effect plug-in which emulates virtual strings resonating in sympathy with the input audio.
The strings can be tuned to any pitch, and even be played live using MIDI, as an instrument.

Superchord transforms your sounds into complex, animated textures with an organic quality.
It can also be used as a special kind of reverberation to add a touch of ambience to your tracks.

Superchord opens a myriad of possibilities for musicians, producers and sound designers alike.

A wide range of applications
  • Add virtual sympathetic strings to any instrument such as guitar, piano, etc.
  • Imprint a harmonic layer onto rhythmic loops, preserving source dynamics
  • Get inspired by mutating existing sounds into something new
  • Create otherworldly special FX for sound design

Lose yourself to sound

Tweaker's delight
  • 12 string resonators with individual and global settings
  • Assignable LFO and envelope follower
  • Filter and saturation modules
  • Dynamics model, controlling string energy characteristics
  • String model parameters, controlling timbre and other qualities
  • Instrument mode for live playing
Hands-on control
  • Deep host integration with direct access to automation (AAX / VST3) and quick control mapping (VST3)
  • Native Instruments NKS FX support for seamless integration with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine
  • Coarse/fine control adjustment using modifier keys
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Convenience functions such as parameter reset, randomize and more through context menus
Host context menu
Reactive user interface
  • Scalable user interface with clean 2D vector design
  • HiDPI | Retina aware
  • Preset browser with more than 50 factory presets included
  • Context-aware interaction and help system
  • Selection of graphic skins
  • GPU-accelerated graphics engine for high refresh rates and minimal CPU usage
  • Comprehensive metering for all key elements of the signal chain
Reactive user inteface
Pristine audio processing
  • Optimized audio engine with 64-bit double precision path
  • Sample accurate automation
  • Glitch-free parameter changes
  • Integrated mini-mixer with solo, mute and defeat
Plug-in formats


  • 64-bit double precision internal processing
  • Stereo/mono operation
  • Sampling rate up to 384kHz
Supported formats
  • Avid AAX
  • Apple AU
  • Steinberg VST2
  • Steinberg VST3
Supported platforms
  • Microsoft Windows 7 to 11 (64-bit)
  • Apple macOS 10.14 (Mojave) to 13 (Ventura)

Other OS versions are not officially supported, however the plug-in may still run.

System requirements
  • Intel 64-bit compatible processor with SSE2 instruction set or Apple M1
  • 2GB RAM
  • OpenGL 3.2 capable graphics
  • 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher resolution monitor
Host compatibility
  • Pro Tools 2019.5 and above
  • VST, VST3 or AU compatible host
  • Maschine 2.7.5 / Komplete Kontrol 2.0 for optional NKS FX support
  • Verified by Tracktion pluginval

Please check our FAQ for detailed host compatibility information.

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

Audio examples

The dry sound plays for a few seconds, then Superchord is engaged and parameters are tweaked. No additional processing except from a light touch of limiting and reverb was used.

String Vibes

The effect is engaged at 0:16, the strings start resonating in sympathy along with the main chords. Listen to the strings' sustained resonance at 0:29. At 0:33, we modulate the pitch for an effect reminiscent of a Leslie rotating speaker. And again at 1:06, we enter 'infinite' resonance .

World Drums

The effect is engaged at 0:12, with resonators tuned to a minor chord. We then turn up the saturation at 0:23.


We start with a dry synth loop, and toggle the filter on and off a few times at 0:13. At 0:24, we start cranking down the damping knob. Finally we go a bit crazy on the filter modulation towards the end at 1:02.


Using a plain repetitive synth line, we kick in the effect at 0:07 and apply chaotic waveform LFO filter modulation. We then play around with LFO frequency at 1:07.

Savage Feedback Basement Party Loop

We run a basic 4×4 pattern run through the 'Drum Destroyer' preset and tweak the knobs. We start increasing saturation at 0:04, and move the feedback control up and down. At 1:16, we achieve a stutter effect using the LFO modulating the gain. We end at 2:05 with the 909 really wanting to be Van Halen's guitar ...

Hard Resonance

Here we fiddle with the 'Evil Rubber Tire' preset, mainly tweaking the filter. The effect fades in at 0:03, with mild damping. At 0:31, we play around with the cutoff frequency for some classic filter antics. At 1:12 we push the resonance to get harmonics that ride above the main sound.

Assorted SFX

A stringy bubbly thing effect is turned on at 0:04. Cosmos verb preset with pitch tweaking is then featured at 0:28. A 'boing' sound goes through various presets at 0:41, and dog barks starting at 0:51. At 1:53 .. and now for something completely different. Are these sheep from hell at 2:13 ?


  • An original effect to thicken up instrumental sounds as well as venture cheerfully into sound design territory.

    Audiofanzine (03/2017)

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  • Takes sympathetic resonance as a starting point for an incredibly versatile range of riotously creative effects ..

    Sound On Sound (10/2018)

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  • This plug in does something very specific, but it does it very well ... plenty to tweak and the sound quality is excellent.

    Audio Plugin Guy (08/2017)

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  • Superchord is the most musical resonator effect we’ve ever used.

    Bedroom Producers Blog (04/2017)

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  • The factory presets provide a great impression of what the software can do …  Superchord does its job very well!

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