About lmdsp

lmdsp is an individual company created in 2009 by Lorcan Mc Donagh.
I mostly work with clients in innovative and high-tech industry sectors.

lmdsp offers consulting and software engineering services for digital audio, image and signal processing. Depending on your specific needs, I am able to intervene at all stages of your project, from the design phase to implementation.

You will gain access to a panel of core competencies, from theory to industrial application, in the following domains:

  • Numerical calculus, data analysis and modelling
  • Signal processing and algorithm design
  • Software architecture and implementation

This website is only intended as a quick overview of what services I can provide, so do contact me to discuss your project specifics in detail.

Our services

Our services range from consulting to partial or full development of your software application.
A typical project would comprise the following stages:

R&D study

  • Establish contact and analyze your specific needs
  • Outline general specifications
  • Research state of the art (bibliography, patents and prior art, etc.)

Algorithms and architecture

  • Prototype and validate algorithms
  • Establish technology and architecture choices
  • Review detailed specifications


  • Develop software, with regular tracking and updates
  • Test, integrate and validate with the client
  • Deliverables: software application, in binary and source forms, depending on agreement, documentation etc.


Flux:: specializes in professional audio software for sound engineers, broadcast applications, and recording studios.
I worked with them to design and develop their latest generation real-time audio analysis and measurement solution, Pure Analyzer System.

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